Recycling our way to Kandersteg

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Recycling our way to Kandersteg

25 July 2013

One of our fund-raising activities for our Kandersteg Expedition is recycling. We will be setting up collection points in various Scout Headquarters in September. Please start collecting and ask all your friends, family and the rest of your Scout Group to do so as well. We are looking for:

Mobile phones – any age, working or not, charger not required
Laptops (or tablets) – again, any age, working or not, but preferably with charger.
The company we are using guarantee the removal of all data from hard disk drives on all donated Laptops using internationally recognised data destruction software.
Biscuit wrappers
Any brand of non-savoury biscuit wrapper
Any brand of multi-pack non-savoury biscuit wrapper, including individual wrappers
Inkjet and laser printer cartridges
Old clothes, shoes and other fabric items
Good quality second hand adults’ and children’s clothing, sheets, blankets, curtains, soft toys, shoes, belts and handbags. All items collected are for RE-USE.

Most of these will be collected throughout the year. Clothes, shoes and fabrics will be on two specific dates – one around the middle of September and one in March.

Also, we have contacts who take the following, so please save these as well if you don’t already and we’ll pass them on:
Plastic milk bottle tops, for a cancer ward in Eastbourne
Plastic pens (biros, felt-tips, highlighters, anything), for Hillside School
Scrap metal, for 1st Northwood Scouts Kandersteg fund